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Sansera Engineering division offers end-to-end solution for customers, right from the preliminary stage to the finished product. Our Engineering team is well trained & skilled to ensure that parts produced meets customer standards. Comprising of vast manufacturing infrastructure, we have the expertise and strength in developing several type of Precision Engine component on the basis of customer drawing or sample.

  • Unigraphics for 3D modeling and tool path generation
  • Autodesk Inventor for Machine design.
  • AutoCAD/Inventor for tool fixture design and 2D drafting.
  • Q-form analysis for Forging process flow simulation, analysis and optimization.
  • Wrench- Enterprise for Technical documents, and project management.

Process Design

Sansera process design engineer's expertise in process flow and providing end to end solution for our customers. Sansera provide customers with expertise in manufacturing processes which allows them to become as competitive as possible.

Machine Design

Machine Design capability is one of the core strengths of Sansera, we design and build our own CNC-Special purpose machines. With experienced designing and manufacturing of special purpose machines, since 1998 Sansera machines have a unique ability to achieve superior quality, cost-effective solutions with higher productivity.

Sansera itself is a customer for machine building, based on the product requirements in terms of quality & quantity the design and analysis is carried out using Autodesk Inventor software. We have designed and developed in-house Over 450 CNC SPMs, Our SPMs have some amount of flexibility built in so that they can be used for different products manufactured by Sansera.

Few of the Machine design made in-house are:

  • 8-Station CNC Machine:A rotary indexing machine have 7 machining stages
  • Vertical Honing machine: Honing with one/two of three stages.
  • Double Disc Grinding Machine: A grinding machine to grind 2 surfaces simultaneously.

Fixture Design

Sansera has expertise in the design and manufacture of Fixture & Assembly tools for conventional machines and SPMs that can be tailored to suit the requirement. This not only enhances the overall product quality, but also ensures that the product is manufactured or assembled with consistent accuracy. We specialize in providing the proper assembly tool, gauges and inspection fixtures for each application, keeping in view that each assembly process is unique.

Fixtures are integral to all manufacturing environments and play a very important role within the manufacturing process. Sansera build poka-yoke as intergral part of fixtures/tools.

Few of the Fixture design made by Sansera are:

  • Oil Hole Drilling for 8 Station CNC Machines.
  • Bolt Hole Set-up on Makino
  • BE & SE Finish Boring Operation on Makino
  • BE & SE Rough Boring Operation on Makino
  • Cross Hole & Slot Milling Set-up · Crank shaft Assembly
  • Crankshaft Assembly run out inspection fixtures

Forging Simulation

Sansera forging simulation is carried out by Q-form analysis software which enables to achieve an ideal solution for forging development and optimization, which allows to minimize or even to avoid forging trials.

The simulation also identifies and eliminates the under fills, laps, and metal fow defects, the tool also helps in analyzing the grain flow of the component during the process. Through this tool Sansera has achieved 98% first time ok during the forging process based on Actual vs Analysis.

Die Design

Sansera has been one of the earliest companies that use the power of computer-aided design with the help of in-house workstations, computers & softwares such as UNI graphics for modeling of components & fifcam for tool path generation of die milling.