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Sansera has a subsidiary called Sweden, Sansera Mauritius & Fitwel Forge which is IATF certified forging & machining facility. Facility which are equipped with Drop Hammers, Hydraulic Hammers, and Presses.

sansera forging incepted in 2000, operates Drop Hammers that range from 750 kg to 1000 kg, Hydraulic Hammers ranging from 1000 kg to 1600 kg and presses of 1600 – 2000 ton. Gearoock Forge also houses other facilities such as Shot Peening (cold working), Shot Blasting (metal cleaning) and Controlled Cooling (for hot forge).

Fitwel Forge, another ISO certified subsidiary of Sansera facilitates Drop Hammer forging in the range of 250 kg to 1000 kg, and operates presses varying from 250 ton to 1600 ton. Website: www.fitwelforge.com

Currently, our expertise has reached a whole new level that involves the production of precision forged components ranging 5 gm to 13.5kgs.